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SP2 Infrastructure Zone

The SP2 Infrastructure Zone is a ‘special purpose’ zone used to provide infrastructure and related uses, and to protect infrastructure from development that is not compatible with or that may detract from the provision of infrastructure. This includes Highways and State Roads, Railways, Utilities such as water treatment and waste and resource management.

Where is the SP2 Zone in Hilltops?

The SP2 zone is located where there is cemeteries, national and state classified roads, railways, waste disposal facilities, sewage treatment plants, defence lands in accordance with the  NSW Environmental Planning Policy (Infrastructure) 2007 and NSW Planning Circular PS 08-001.

To find out where the SP2 zone is located search on Online Map Viewer.

Zone Objectives

The objective of the SP2 Zone is dedicated to protecting important infrastructure sites and easements from development. The Standard Instrument LEP objectives below are proposed to be included unaltered in the Draft Hilltops LEP:

  • To provide for infrastructure and related uses.
  • To prevent development that is not compatible with or that may detract from the provision of infrastructure.
    Development in SP2 Zone

SP2 Infrastructure requires the following land uses to be permitted with or without consent:

  • Aquaculture; and
  • Roads.

The Standard Instrument LEP requires that the following information be included in this zone’s land use table under section “3 Permitted with consent”:

  • “The purpose shown on the Land Zoning Map, including any development that is ordinarily incidental or ancillary to development for that purpose”.

Proposed Changes in Draft Hilltops LEP

Hilltops Council Depots will be zoned SP2 Infrastructure to indicate their dedicated infrastructure use.

Major waste transfer stations in Hilltops are to be zoned SP2 Infrastructure to better indicate their infrastructure use.

Major cemeteries in Hilltops are proposed to be zoned SP2 Infrastructure to better indicate their infrastructure use consistent across the Hilltops LGA.

State highways and railway corridors (regardless if they are active or note) should be zoned SP2 Infrastructure. Currently, this mapping is incomplete and inconsistent across Hilltops.

  • Boorowa Council Depot – R1 General Residential to SP2 Infrastructure
  • Boorowa Waste Transfer Station Zone Adjustment – Whole site be zoned SP2 Infrastructure
  • Harden Depot – IN2 Light Industrial to SP2 Infrastructure
  • Harden-Murrumburrah Waste Transfer Station – RU1 Primary Production to SP2 Infrastructure
  • Harden Cemetery – RU1 Primary Production to SP2 Infrastructure
  • Young Redhill Road Tip – RE1 Public Recreation to SP2 Infrastructure
  • Young Victoria Street Garbage Depot – SP1 Special Activities to SP2 Infrastructure
  • Young Depot – IN1 General Industrial to SP2 Infrastructure
  • State Highways and Railway Corridors including:
    • Lachlan Valley Way;
    • Hume Highway (already zoned appropriately);
    • Burley Griffin Way (already zoned appropriately);
    • Olympic Highway;
    • Sydney – Melbourne Railway;
    • Galong – Boorowa Railway;
    • Demondrille – Blayney Railway; and
    • Inland Rail Corridor.
    • Koorawatha – Grenfell Railway Corridor

You can find more information about the SP2 Zone and other land use zones in Attachment C – Planning Proposal – Hilltops LEP Zone Objectives and Tables.

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