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RU4 Primary Production Small Lots


Hilltops LSPS 2040:

RU4 Primary Production Small Lots is intended for land which is to be used for agricultural production on smaller allotments and also allow for rural living opportunities. Within Hilltops, particularly around Young, a clearly identifiable ring of semi-rural RU4 small lot primary production lands can be identified.

These lands have a past in rural production but their use and demands have changed. While large proportions of Hilltops semi-rural lands were once the heart of a nationally significant orcharding industry their use for this purpose has changed and declined in parallel with a greater demand for their use as semi-rural residential lifestyle blocks. This is particularly evident adjacent to Young and the villages of Wombat and Kingsvale. These areas still support orchards, vineyards and similar intensive cropping activities. However, they now share these lands with hobby farms and residential lifestyle blocks. The distribution of these activities have not been planned in a coherent manner, resulting in a lack of clarity of purpose, and varying expectations in relation to levels of infrastructure servicing.

Any future development within these areas needs to be planned and managed taking into account the variable topography, water catchments, soil types, indigenous values, and nature conservation values found within these landscapes. Also, rural production values as well as the amenity and quality of life of adjacent towns and villages have to be protected.

Objectives of RU4 Primary Production Small Lots

Hilltops LSPS 2040:

The primary objectives for RU4 Primary Production Small Lots are to protect rural production, nature conservation values, the protection and enhancement of waterways and ridgelines . However, Hilltops 2040 recognises that a significant proportion of this land is currently used for residential lifestyle blocks and the current lot arrangements and sizes are likely to see this continue well into the future. Also, this zone is proposed to meet the increasing demand for small to medium size enterprises and community facilities such as places of worship.

A major challenge for Council is to ensure that servicing and amenity in this zone are deliverable and justifiable taking into account the low levels of residential density, the need to protect the capacity of productive rural lands and the fragmented nature of the areas involved.

Draft Hilltops LEP:

The objectives for RU4 Primary Production (Small Lots) proposed in the consolidated Draft Hilltops LEP are:

  • To enable sustainable primary industry and other compatible land uses.
  • To encourage and promote diversity and employment opportunities in relation to primary industry enterprises, particularly those that require smaller lots or that are more intensive in nature.
  • To minimise conflict between land uses within this zone and land uses within adjoining zones.
  • To maintain areas of high conservation value vegetation.
  • To encourage development that is in accordance with sound management and land capability practices, and that takes into account the natural resources of the locality.
  • To protect and enhance the water quality of receiving watercourses and groundwater systems and to reduce land degradation.
  • To encourage the development of non-agricultural land uses that are compatible with the character of the zone.

Land Uses in RU4 Zones

The Draft Hilltops LEP currently uses RU4 zones in Young, Wombat, Monteagle and Bendick Murrell only.  RU4 zoned lands is considered to be used primarily for rural production purposes. However, in the current scenario there is a huge impact of urban encroachments. This has led to a decline in the size of the local orcharding industry and many sites are now being used as large rural residential properties. Land use and development objectives  in this zone will continue to reflect the need to protect rural production values and capacity. Rural dwellings in this zone intends to serve the need of farming community with due recognition of natural resource values found within these locations.

You can view this zone’s ‘land use matrix’ – which lists permitted and prohibited land uses – below, or download it here Zone RU4 Primary Production (Small Lots)

Where are they located?

North Young – Includes lands along Olympic Highway, Henry Lawson Way and Scenic Road, adjacent to the northern edge of Young.

East Young – Includes lands to north of adjacent to Murringo Road and South of Olympic Highway, east of Victoria Creek/Garribaldi Gully.

South-East Young –  Includes lands along Moppity Road directly south east of the township and adjacent lands south of Murringo Road.

South Young –  Includes lands south of Boundary Road, East of Olympic Highway and west of Moppity Road, including Kingsvale Road.

South-West Young –  Includes lands west of Olympic Highway and Spring Creek, south of Noonans Road.

West Young – Includes lands west of Young township, north of Little Spring Creek, bisected by Milvale Road and east of Stony Creek.

Wombat – Adjacent to Olympic Highway

Monteagle – Adjacent to Monteagle Village, east of Scenic Road.

Bendick Murrell – Adjacent to Bendick Murrel Village, between Little Street and Olympic Highway.

Please note: RU4 Primary Production Small Lots are not located in  Boorowa.

You can find more information about the RU4 Zone and other land use zones in Attachment C – Planning Proposal – Hilltops LEP Zone Objectives and Tables

What is changing in RU4 Zones?


Animal boarding or training establishments; Residential care facilities and Water recreation structures are removed from RU4 zone as these land uses are inconsistent with the objectives of this zone.

Home occupations are permitted without consent in RU4 zones. Further information is available in the land use matrix ,click here.

Harden – Murrumburah

The small RU4 zone to the northwest of Harden township at Aurville is proposed to be rezoned R5 Large Lot Residential.


Please note, Boorowa LEP does not have any RU4-zoned land.

For more information please click on the link.

Minimum Lot Sizes in RU4

RU4 Primary Production Small Lots – Inner Ring, Young

Lot Size is dependant on connectivity to reticulated water and/or sewer services.

  • A minimum of 2 hectares is considered  if not connected to reticulated water and/or sewer services.

Only if the consent authority is satisfied that each lot will be connected to the Council’s reticulated water supply system, a minimum of 1 hectare is considered.

RU4 Primary Production Small Lots – Outer Ring and Other

Around Outer Ring of RU4 Zone in Young,  Minimum Lot Size varies in Young LEP 2010 and is continued in the consolidated Hilltops LEP as:

  • 4 hectares
  • 12 hectares
  • 15 hectares
  • 24 hectares