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RE2 Private Recreation

The RE2 Private Recreation applies to privately owned land used for recreational activities. This includes facilities such as golf courses, bowling clubs and tennis courts.

Hilltops 2040 Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS) and  Recreational Land Use

Within Hilltops towns and villages, open space and recreation areas play a diverse and significant role in quality of life, social interaction as well as community health and well-being. High quality active and passive open space and recreation areas can be found in all Hilltops towns and villages and sustaining them is essential to achieving the desired lifestyle, amenity and recreational opportunities.

Hilltops 2040 prioritises the enhancement and protection of walkable, connected and accessible open spaces and facilities in the towns of Boorowa, Young and Harden- Murrumburrah over time.

Zone Objectives

  • To enable land to be used for private open space or recreational purposes.
  • To provide a range of recreational settings and activities and compatible land uses.
  • To protect and enhance the natural environment for recreational purposes.
  • To maintain areas of high conservation value vegetation.

Where are RE2 Private Recreation areas located?

RE2 private recreation areas can be found in Hilltops towns and villages.

To find where the RE2 Zone is located, view and search using the Online Map Viewer

You can view this zone’s ‘land use matrix’ – which lists permitted and prohibited land uses – below or download it here Zone RE2 Private Recreation

What is changing in RE2 Private Recreation Zone?

This zone is currently used in Young and Harden LEPs. It is intended to continue this use in the new, consolidated Hilltops LEP.

You can find more information about the RE2 Zone and other land use zones in Attachment C – Planning Proposal – Hilltops LEP Zone Objectives and Tables