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Zone IN2 Light Industrial

The IN2 Light Industrial Zone (IN2) is used for light industrial land uses in Hilltops.

The IN2 zone identifies lands suitable for a range of light industrial, commercial, and employment uses.

This zone also provides space for complementary land uses such as the service businesses required to meet the day-to-day needs of residents, travellers, and other commercial activities in the area.

It locates land in Hilltops with current or proposed town infrastructure services to support Hilltops’s long term economic growth and leverage off the ‘Gateway’ qualities of the Olympic Highway access to Young and the Burley Griffin Way access to Harden-Murrumburrah.

This zone also regulates development permitted in order to minimise any adverse impacts of light industrial and commercial establishments on surrounding zones.

You can view the locations of IN2 zones in Hilltops on the Online Map Viewer.

You can find more information about the IN2 Zone and other land use zones in Attachment C – Planning Proposal – Hilltops LEP Zone Objectives and Tables

Zone Objectives

The Draft Hilltops LEP 2021 proposes the following IN2 Light Industrial zone objectives which align with the objectives outlined in the Hilltops 2040 Local Strategic Planning Statement. These are:

  • To provide a wide range of light industrial, warehouse and related land uses.
  • To encourage employment opportunities and to support the viability of centres.
  • To minimise any adverse effect of industry on other land uses.
  • To enable other land uses that provide facilities or services to meet the day to day needs of workers in the area.
  • To support and protect industrial land for industrial uses.
  • To provide fully serviced light industrial allotments linked to town water and sewer networks.

Land Uses

This zone has been in use in Hilltops since the NSW Government’s Standard Instrument LEP was introduced over a decade ago.

However, to achieve greater consistency across Hilltops with NSW Government regional strategic policy and Hilltops 2040 Local Strategic Planning Statement, some changes have been proposed to the permissible land uses in the IN2 Light Industrial land use table.

You can view this zone’s ‘land use matrix’ – which lists permitted and prohibited land uses – below, or download it here Zone IN2 Light Industrial

Where is this zone located?

The IN2 Light Industrial zone is found in multiple locations, mostly as ‘gateways’ to Harden and Young.

In Young, IN2 replaces existing B6 Enterprise Corridor and B7 Business Park zones to the south and north of the town.

For further information, view the Online Map Viewer.

What is permissible in the IN2 Light Industrial zone?

A majority of the changes in permissible land uses within the IN2 Light Industrial zone relate to providing greater consistency in the use the zone in Hilltops. However, additional changes have been proposed to respond to and reflect the latest NSW Governmnet strategic policy directions and the outcomes of the development of Hilltops 2040 Local Strategic Planning Statement.

It is also to be noted that the changes proposed in the Draft Hilltops LEP 2021 to permissible land uses will only apply to new development where an application has been made after the new LEP is finalised and in operation.

The land use table for the IN2 Light Industrial Zone are proposed to be amended to permit the following defined uses:

  • Community facilities
  • Freight transport facilities
  • Hotel or motel accommodation
  • Information and education facilities
  • Passenger transport facilities
  • Heliports
  • Water reticulation systems
  • Wharf or boating facilities.

The land use tables for the IN2 Light Industrial Zone have been amended to not permit the following defined uses currently permitted within the Harden LEP:

  • Biosolids treatment facilities
  • Heavy industries
  • Neighbourhood supermarkets.

For more information on proposed changes to mapping and land use tables for Industrial Zones within the Draft Hilltops LEP please go to downloads below.