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E3 Environmental Management Zone

The E3 Environmental Management Zone includes land with special ecological, scientific, cultural or aesthetic attributes or environmental hazards/processes requiring careful consideration and management to ensure development is compatible with these values.

Where is the E3 Zone in Hilltops?

The E3 Environmental Management Zone is located between Young and Koorawatha and is adjacent to various National Parks including Dananbilla National Park.

You can view where the E3 Zone is located on the Online Map Viewer.

Zone Objectives

The objective of the E3 is a transition zone between the high-conservation value land within zone E1 National Parks and Nature Reserves and other land. Because the zone applies to land that has environmental, scenic values or hazard risks, it is suitable for a limited range of development.

The Standard Instrument LEP objectives below are proposed to be included unaltered in the Draft Hilltops LEP:

·         To protect, manage and restore areas with special ecological, scientific, cultural or aesthetic values.

·         To provide for a limited range of development that does not have an adverse effect on those values.

Development in E3 Zone

You can view the Land Use Matrix for development in the E3 Zone here Land Use Matrix – E3 Zone. You can also view this document embedded below.

Proposed Changes in Draft Hilltops LEP

This zone is currently used in Young LEP only. It is intended to continue its use in the consolidated Draft Hilltops LEP.

You can find more information about the E3 Zone and other land use zones in Attachment C – Planning Proposal – Hilltops LEP Zone Objectives and Tables.

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