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Residential Zones 

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Residential Zones are used within and adjacent to Hilltops towns to identify and protect lands intended to be used primarily for residential purposes. Residential Zones include existing residential neighbourhoods within Boorowa, Young, Harden and Murrumburrah as well as lands proposed for future residential growth in and adjacent to these towns. 

Residential Zones are also used to identify lands accommodating residential development in a semi-rural setting, such as the extensive large lot and rural-residential developments in proximity to Young, Boorowa and Harden.  They are also used in limited circumstances in the larger rural villages of Hilltops including in the villages of XXX, XXX, and XXX.

The proposed changes to Residential Zones within the Draft Hilltops LEP focus on a more consistent use of these zones across Hilltops, particularly within semi-rural areas around Boorowa and Young.  This includes consistent use of Minimum Lot Size requirements and what activities are permitted within each zone.

In addition, the Residential Zones have been amended to further support ancillary uses where they are of a form and scale that will not negatively impact on the residential objectives of the area. 

The Draft Hilltops continues the use of the following Residential Zones within Hilltops:

  • R1 General Residential Zone
  • R2 – Low Density Residential
  • R5 – Large Lot Residential

The boundaries for these zones have also changed in limited circumstances to achieve greater consistency in their use across Hilltops. To see where each of these zones are intended to apply and any changes proposed to residential zonings please go to XXXX.

For further information on the use of Residential Zones and changes to how the zones apply please refer to XXX and XXX as well as the additional information below.