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Land Use Zones in draft Hilltops LEP


The Draft Hilltops LEP has standardised the use of Land Use Zones across the local government area.  This has been a major initiative in the development of the draft LEP as part of a significant move towards a more consistent approach to planning within Hilltops.

Land Use Zones are applied across all lands within Hilltops.  The Zones used within the Draft LEP are consistent with the suite of zones established by the NSW government.  However, applied to suit local circumstances.

Each Zone includes a set of objectives, supported by an assessment table, listing what development is:

  • allowed (permissible)
  • not allowed (prohibited) within that zone.

The development definitions used within the assessment tables can be found in the Dictionary of the Draft Hilltops LEP and align with the definitions established in the Standard Instrument LEP by the NSW Government. See link for Standard Instrument LEP Dictionary Definitions that apply to the Draft Hilltops LEP.

Attachment C – Land Use Zone Objectives and Tables and Land Use Matrices outline all the development definitions and if they are allowed or not allowed in all zones used in the Draft Hilltops LEP.

Zone Land Use Matrices of the Draft Hilltops are available via the Document Library

Additionally, you can view the proposed locations of each zone and search individual properties by using the Online Mapping Viewer.

Zones used in the draft Hilltops LEP

Of the suite of Zones available under the NSW Standard Instrument LEP, the Draft Hilltops LEP uses 16 standardised zones.  These are:

You can also read about zones which are proposed to be replaced or retired from use