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Key Terms

This page contains a list of key terms that are used in the Local Environmental Plan and its related documents.

You can also refer to the ‘Dictionary‘ in the ‘NSW Standard Instrument LEP‘ which has a full glossary of terms.

Consent Authority

For most development in Hilltops, Council is the ‘designated consent authority’. LEP CLAUSE?

However, in some cases, such as for mines, the State Government is the ‘consent authority’.

Some land uses are also governed by State Legislation and in these cases the State Government is again the consent authority.

Designated Consent Authority

Refer to Consent Authority.

Existing Use Rights


Land Use Conflict


Minimum Lot Size


Permissible Land Uses


Reticulated Water and Sewerage


Subdivision / Subdividing your Land

Subdivision for the Purposes of Developing a Dwelling

Subdividing land for the purposes of residential development usually involves having to comply with a minimum lot size for a dwelling based on your land’s zone, connection to reticulated water and sewerage, and the type of residential dwelling to be built on that land.


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Subdivision of Land for Other Purposes

This includes subdivision for agriculture, commercial and industrial uses.

Subdivision for these non-residential uses is mostly exempt from minimum lot size obligations.


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Land Services