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Introduction to the Draft Hilltops Local Environmental Plan

Hilltops Council has prepared the Draft Hilltops Local Environmental Plan (LEP) providing one consistent LEP covering the entire Hilltops Local Government Area.

The Hilltops LEP, upon completion and endorsement by Council and the State, will replace the Young LEP 2010, Boorowa LEP 2012 and Harden LEP 2011 and be a major contributor to assessing future land use development proposals across Hilltops.

Council has reviewed the current LEPs of the former Boorowa, Harden, and Young Shires to consolidate and harmonise these into one comprehensive plan.  Also, reviewed the outcomes from recent local strategic planning, including the development of Hilltops 2040 as well as the latest State and regional policies, strategies and regulations.  From this, the Draft Hilltops LEP has been developed to provide a local, effective and up to date planning document for Hilltops.

Generic graphic of Hilltops Council area.

Map of Hilltops Local Government Area

A Planning Proposal was developed for the review and development of a Hilltops LEP for consideration in accordance with NSW legislation and guidance.  The Planning Proposal for the Draft Hilltops LEP has now been endorsed by Council and the State Government for the purposes of public consultation. This is known as a Gateway Determination.

The Planning Proposal includes the Draft Hilltops LEP document and mapping, and supporting information to justify all proposed changes between the current three LEP’s and the consolidated Draft Hilltops LEP.

All Draft Hilltops LEP documents and content is available via theDocument Library and associated Mapping can be found at Online Mapping Viewer.

Objectives and Intended Outcomes of Draft Hilltops LEP

In summary, the changes proposed are intended to advance the previous directions of Hilltops Council, to:

In addition, the Planning Proposal identifies how the Draft Hilltops LEP is consistent with and furthers State government planning legislation, policy and guidance including:

A consolidated comprehensive LEP provides a single set of land use planning requirements and guidance across Hilltops. This will enable a consistent approach applying to all lands within the Hilltops Local Government Area.

A major role of the Draft Hilltops LEP is to progress the strategic land use objectives for Hilltops as established within Hilltops 2040, the endorsed Local Strategic Planning Statement for Hilltops.

Hilltops 2040, is a strategic document which incorporates relevant state plans and policies and how they relate to the local area.  It also provides local and regional context to shaping land use planning priorities relevant to the Hilltops Local Government Area. It establishes strategic land use and infrastructure objectives and priorities that recognise and reflect local conditions, opportunities, and challenges. In addition, providing planning objectives that are justifiable and competitive in relation to national, state, and regional markets to sustain and grow the local economy and local service provision.

Justification for Draft Hilltops LEP

The establishment of the Hilltops LEP will assist in delivering Council’s commitment to consistent and unified planning controls across the Hilltops LGA as proposed within the Hilltops Community Strategic Plan 2030.

Hilltops 2040 – Hilltops Local Strategic Planning Statement , endorsed by Council and DPIE NSW, provides a strategic basis to rationalise the existing plans and prepare a new comprehensive LEP for the Hilltops LGA.

In addition to Hilltops 2040  a series of background studies were prepared and consulted to assist in informing the development of both Hilltops 2040 and the Draft Hilltops LEP.  These include:

Further work was also undertaken to investigate the status and capacity of employment lands across Hilltops and how the impacts on current and projected demand.  This assisted in informing Hilltops 2040 and the Draft LEP on the capacity of current employment zoned lands and their ability to accommodate projected growth. It will also assist in the review of the current status and proposed sequencing of urban services to employment lands in the future.

A single LEP provides other benefits to Council such as simplifying planning certificates and development assessment procedures as well as additional administrative and technical benefits resulting from operating under one consistent LEP.

Relationship to NSW Strategic Planning Framework

The South East and Tablelands Regional Plan 2036 is the relevant regional strategy for the Hilltops LGA, developed by the NSW Governments, Department of Planning Industry and Environment (DPIE).

The NSW Government’s vision for the South East and Tablelands Region is: A borderless region in Australia’s most geographically diverse natural environment with the nation’s capital at its heart. The Regional Plan has the following goals:

Goal 1: A connected and prosperous economy

Goal 2: A diverse environment interconnected by biodiversity corridors

Goal 3: Healthy and connected communities

Goal 4: Environmentally sustainable housing choices

The proposed policy changes in the Draft Hilltops LEP are considered to align with the Goals, regional policies and directions set within the Regional Plan. For further information on how this is achieved please go to South East and Tablelands Regional Plan 2036.

Community Consultation

The Draft Hilltops LEP and Planning Proposal will be on public exhibition for a minimum period of 28 days to comply with relevant State legislation and the received Gateway Determination.

To assist Council, the Draft Hilltops LEP Consultation and Engagement Strategy was developedrelating outlining the objectives and proposed approach to the public exhibition of the Draft Hilltops LEP. This includes how Council will inform, consult and engage with the community, stakeholders and agencies.

In addition, Council will be contacting a range of stakeholders, including but not limited to the following groups and agencies in relation to the planning proposal:

  • Business Industry groups
  • Committees
  • Community Groups
  • Land Owners, Residents and the General Public
  • Southern Region in the Department of Planning Industry and Environment;
  • Biodiversity and Conservation Team in the Department of Planning Industry and Environment;
  • ePlanning team in the Department of Planning Industry and Environment;
  • Department of Primary Industries;
  • NSW Premier and Cabinet;
  • Heritage NSW;
  • NSW Rural Fire Service;
  • Transport for NSW;
  • Environmental Protection Agency;
  • NSW Crown Land in Department of Planning Industry and Environment;
  • Adjoining LGAs.

What is the process for making the Hilltops LEP?

1 Draft Hilltops LEP prepared by Council Council resolved to prepare the Planning Proposal for the draft LEP in 2018. Council endorsed the Planning Proposal on 28 October 2020.
2 Gateway Determination The NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE) issued Gateway Determination (approval) on 11 January 2021 so the Planning Proposal can proceed to public exhibition.
3 Community Consultation (current stage) Draft Hilltops LEP is on public exhibition (15 March – 26 April 2021) and Council officers review all formal submissions received during the exhibition period and consider changes where necessary.
4 Assessment The Councillors consider a report on submissions and recommendations. Councillors determine whether to proceed and finalise the Draft Hilltops LEP , including with or without changes.
5 Approval The Council endorsed finalised Hilltops LEP and sent to the NSW Department of Planning Industry and Environment and NSW Parliamentary Counsel for legal drafting. Once finalised a request for the Hilltops LEP to be officially made by the Minister for Planning and Public Spaces.

How Do I Make a Submission?

If you would like to make a submission, please submit it by Monday 26 April 2021 via:

Online: Have Your Say Online Submission, or

Email: submissions@hilltops.nsw.gov.au (quote reference Draft Hilltops LEP)

Mail: addressed to The General Manager, Hilltops Council, Locked Bag 5, YOUNG  NSW  2594